this is the story of how a madcap band of friends writing a guide to paris launched a revolution in visiting the world’s most beloved destination…

since August 2018, over 2,400 guests have rated us 5 stars and made us the fastest-growing ‘tour company’ ever in Parisian history—perhaps even human history, all the way back to cave men or something. And it all began with weird French cheeses…



Are you ready to forget where you came from and be Parisian for a few hours?

Because we aren’t traditional ‘Tour Guides’...

We are simply locals in love with the City of Light

Maniacs for Macarons

History Virtuosas

Pastry Hounds

Art + Architecture Fiends

Neighborhood Know-It-Alls

Party Girls and Boys seizing the City after Dark

French Food Fanatics

The Curiosity Collective…

Normal (-ish) Parisians who get a real kick out of taking you around to our corners of Paris.

Taking you to do the things WE do…

This is fun for us—that’s why it’s fun for you…

Romp the city of Light with a local madly in Love with Paris.

Think of us like your slightly deviant, yet bizarrely well-informed, long-lost cousins, rabid to take you around his/her Paris.

We have collected—like a snowball rolling downhill—a posse of Parisians — wine virtuosi, food experts, architecture lovers, amateur historians (the best kind lol)—locals in love with the essence of Paris—it’s more than a museum full of relics (although we have some mindblowing stuff to show you) it’s more than pretty streets (but there as so many you will be dizzy with their beauty) it’s about the living Paris, full of passion, revolution and outrage. Paris propels itself forward even as the world chases it’s delicious past glories. Let’s ride the comet of Paris today. Let’s stop writing fucking metaphors at 2am.


We make it fun, but let's be honest, Paris is sofa-king cool and beautiful and weird and delicious that it's only a matter of curating the coolest, the best, the unexpected. We don't know why (our shrinks have theories) but we love doing that for people.

So why have your ass dragged through town in a giant, honking, McTour led by foreign college sophomores on summer break, who were taught five things about Napoleon and are making minimum wage shuffling hordes of exhausted tourists up the Eiffel Tower and past all the gold stuff?

Instead, why not let us, the local isle of misfit toys, the Curiosity Collective drag your ass through town instead, in a small + convivial tribe of curious and open global jet-setters… savoring the best bites, the must-see sights, the hidden corners, the hangouts of actual Parisians...Let's see the Eiffel Tower, yes of course!-- we aren't lunatics, my god, but let's also have a laugh while doing it. Then let's eat those cakes bitches be instagramming. And visit some dive bars in the 11éme arrondissement. Let’s gawk at Parisian hipsters singing along to Celine Dion. (Then let’s join them…What happens in Paris, stays in Paris…until someone posts it on insta…)


Are you ready to forget where you came from and be Parisian for a few hours?

Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love and stay (too….)


ATTENTION-SEEKING BEHAVIOR: we post little bites of weird/funny/huh? found-on-the-street-in-Paris stuff on instagram : @curiousparis in a bid for attention and approval. click and feed our neurosis